Monday, July 14, 2014

Office 365

Lets learn more about office 365 through a bit of a scavenger hunt.

Open this Public View Only Document. It is an online Word Document that you will first view, then be able to open another link that allows you to edit and comment on the document.
When you have completed those tasks, return to this post for directions to open a document that shared to the test student accounts. The accounts are accessed through and the usernames are (X is any number from 1 to 25) and the password in Mason123. Access an account and open the link contained in the email from the Administrator that says he has shared a document with you.  Follow the directions on that document.


  1. I liked the ease of modifying a shared document and can easily see students doing this. Is there a way to track each person's changes?

  2. While in the word web app, each editor's comments are in a specific color - but there is no 'key' that matches color to editor. When I opened the document into the Word desktop application - there was a 'key' that matched color to editor. Frustrating that it is not there online. The only significance to directly sharing the document was that once logged in, the editor is identified by name. The real significance is the ability to share the document and allow all users immediate access. Hopefully, editing a document is a relatively simple, intuitive process.

  3. I have a similar question to something I saw Laura post earlier. If students were going to turn in a paper they had written on a shared document, what would be the best way of them turning it in online? Edline or perhaps sharing the document with us similar to the way you shared documents?

    1. This is going to get easier once teachers also have Office 365. When that happens (October for MMS), then I would suggest sharing the same way I am currently sharing. until then, I suggest having student share with each other on group projects in this manner, but they would have to get the public link to the teacher for the time being. The link could be collected via survey, or placed in a folder on edline.