Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lesson ideas for using Smart Notebook

Are you looking for more ideas for making better use of the Smart Notebook software? Teachers Love Smartboards and Smartboard Lessons Podcast are two blogs written by teachers about using the software in their lessons. Most lessons only require the Smart Notebook, which is available to all teachers in our district.
The primary idea of the Notebook, is to create more interactive lessons for the students. I have linked many more interactive sites here on my delicious bookmarks.

Interactive Science Websites

I recently came across The Virtual Body which is a free interactive program that allows you to explore the human brain, heart, digestive tract and skeleton. The Internet is full of free sites like these for students and teachers. Sites range from interactive period tables, virtual chemistry experiments, microscopic views of cells and telescopic views of the solar system. I also have a link to an autopsy site. These sites and many others can be found in my delicious bookmarks.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Educational Video Collections on You Tube

The collection of valuable YouTube videos is growing at a tremendous pace. Please take the time to preview some of these sites: 100 Best YouTube Videos for Teachers and YouTube Education: 80 Intelligent Video Collections. Many universities, such as MIT, are placing significant content on YouTube through the OpenCourseware initiative. Many of these sites are also easily accessed through iTunes U. It doesn't end there. The House and Senate have YouTube sites. And, believe it or not, even the Pope has a channel!
But wait there is more. I realize that YouTube may not be available for all, so here is a link to 20+ educational alternatives to YouTube. One more bit of advice, some featured videos and comments that appear alongside videos, may not be appropriate for the classroom. To limit that exposure, here is a video that shows you how to embed a YouTube video into a PowerPoint.