Sunday, February 22, 2009

Make the Most of Discovery Streaming

Discovery Streaming is available to Mason teachers from grades K-8. Search for content by grade and subject as well as curriculum standards. Videos are divided into segments which can be played directly or downloaded. Organize your favorite videos into folders within 'My Content' and share your video selections with others in our school or district.
But, videos are only a portion of the available resources. Images, clip art, sound effects, lesson plans, pre-made assignments and quizzes can be accessed as part of the basic search. Create your own assignments, quizzes or writing prompts related to the videos. The students do not require a log-in of their own, they simply access these resources through a generated URL.
Discovery is rapidly adding more features. The latest feature is Media Share. You can upload your own videos, images or documents and share with others or embed into powerpoint presentations or wikis. Media Share can be purchased as an add-on the Discovery Streaming, but teachers that become a Star Educator are given free access to the feature.
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