Friday, March 14, 2008

What is a blog?

What is a blog really? When asked this question, I direct people to the CommonCraft web site for this video:

Blogs clearly show the creation of the read/write web (or web 2.0). No longer do we simply gather information from the web, now we interact. Just take a look at the USA Today. Every article is now a blog, just scroll to the end of the article and post your comment. Think about it, a political leader or sports figure (or anyone) is no longer at the mercy of the newspaper writer. We can debate comments and dispute observations. Right there on the front Page!
Educators can learn from other experts in their field and share activities and educational theories. Go to to see an extensive list of blogs from educators (RSS feeds from educational publications).
Blogging offers many other opportunities for teachers to deliver content or for students to share their work. I will gladly help anyone that desires to investigate publishing their own blog. I create my blog through Blogger, and I would also recommend 21 Classes.

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