Sunday, March 2, 2008

Google Toolbar and Bookmarks

We are all most likely familiar with the idea of marking internet websites as favorites. This is a feature contained within your web browser. The problem I used to encounter so often, is that I work on many different computers. I now have 2 home computers. I have a work computer, but there are many times when I am working on a computer that is not my own. Since I have converted to using Google Bookmarks, I now have access to those favorites on any computer. If the computer has the Google Toolbar loaded, those favorites are immediately accessible (although I can still get to them through my start page on computers without the toolbar).
First, lets change our terminology from favorites to bookmarks, and then we can set up our bookmarks through Google.
Click on Settings within the Google Toolbar, and click Options (You may have to sign in first). Place a check in the box next to bookmarks and click OK. Now Bookmarks appears in the toolbar with a blue star beside it. When I am on a website that I wish to save, I simply click the blue button. But wait there is more. A second click (on the now filled in yellow) blue star allows me to label (or TAG) the website. I can create many different labels to help me organize my bookmarks. It is kind of like folders but better - each website can have more than 1 label (or TAG), meaning it can reside in many different "folders". To access my bookmarked sites, I simply click Bookmarks, highlight the desired label and then highlight and click the desired page.
If Ido not have access to the Google Toolbar on a particular computer, I added Bookmarks to my start page. This requires some copying and pasting, but I am still able to capture and recall websites from any computer.
Please check my companion wiki for resources and step by step instructives for many Google features.

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