Saturday, March 8, 2008

Ideas for a Web2.0 Beginner

As I pondered a post with ideas for teachers to utilize technology either for their own benefit or for that of their students, I came across this post from a blog that I follow. Cool Cat Teacher is Vicki Davis, chairman of the Computing and Technology Department at Westwood Schools in Camilla Georgia. She is one of many bloggers that I follow and some of them are linked on this page.
Her most recent post, Baby Steps for Beginners Part #1, is a wonderful resource for teachers interested in taking better advantage of the resources available on the Net. She has a catalogue of websites that demonstrate best practices of teachers and administrators. She organized these sites through her account, which is social bookmarking site. Social bookmarking is the next step up from the Google Bookmarks that I described in a previous post. Set up a account to quickly save (complete with notes about each website) your favorite sites and access them from any computer. You can easily share your bookmarks, and you can access the shared bookmarks from experts within your field of research. You can even use the site create a network of teachers within your content area. You can view my bookmarks and Cool Cat Teacher's bookmarks and add both to your network.
Please check my companion wiki for more directions for creating your account (soon to be posted).

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